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Singing bowls may not be very familiar to common people. A singing bowl, also known as a rin gong, is a kind of bell that is mostly used for meditation and relaxation. It is commonly used in the tropic countries abroad. This kind of bell is not the usual one you see in your life because it is used in an inverted way. Instead of the opening being at the bottom part, it is facing upwards to the sky. In some cultures, singing bowls are used for music and for the personal well-being. While in some countries, singing bowls are commonly used as decoration. 


In religious practices, singing bowls are sounded at the beginning and ending of a meditation. The meditation usually lasts for several hours in a day and a single strike to the gong signifies the start of the practice. Two strikes to the singing bowl means the meditation shall be ended. In some countries, the singing bowl is used for chanting. It may also be used as a signal to change the activity of the people in a certain area. 


There are many antique and modern singing bowls that can be purchased today. Although you may not readily find a store like Silver Sky Importswhich sells a singing bowl in your local area, you can always order one through the internet. Antique singing bowls are quite costly though. If you wish to acquire a singing bowl as part of your decoration, you can purchase through online stores. Most singing bowls are manufactured abroad so you should estimate the time of its delivery for several days. Silver sky imports is one example of a manufacturer of these items.


Modern singing bowls are now sold almost throughout the internet. You can choose from plain or decorated singing bowls online such as at You can even choose which material should be used for it. The most common and durable type of singing bowl is the one that is made up of brass. In order to find an authentic singing bowl online, simply start by typing the necessary keywords in a popular search engine. Usually, the very first site you will get is the authentic one. Also be cautious in choosing an online shop. Some may be bogus sellers that only sell fake singing bowls.  This link may be helpful to you. The price of a modern singing bowl depends on the material it is made of.